Domestic and Foreign Investment Records

We are actively investing not only in Japan, but also in Asia, the United States, and Europe.

Track Record

  • The accumulative number of portfolio companies

    1,053companies(847 in Japan and 206 overseas)

  • Total Investment


  • Committed Capital


* As of December 31, 2021

Committed Capital and Total Investment

Corporate History

July 1999
SOFTBANK INVESTMENT CORPORATION established to undertake venture capital and incubation business
March to July 2000
Established the ‘Softbank Internet Technology Fund,’ one of the Japan's largest venture capital funds with a total size of JPY150.5B. This is a sector focused fund mainly targeting the internet sector The fund provides hands-on support with our in-house IT experts which is a differentiated factor from other venture capital firms.
October 2004
Established the ' SBI BROADBAND FUND No.1 Limited Partnership,' mainly for investment in companies related to broadband internet
March 2005
Established ‘SBI BB Media Investment Limited Partnership’ with Fuji Television Network and Nippon Broadcasting System
July 2005
On July 1st, along with several financial businesses, the fund management business spun off from SOFTBANK INVESTMENT CORPORATION and changed its trading name to SBI Holdings Co., Ltd.
SOFTBANK CONTENTS PARTNERS CORPORATION and Biovision Capital Corp were consolidated under a new SOFTBANK INVESTMENT CORPORATION as an asset management business group.
March 2006
Established ' SBI BB Mobile Investment LPS ' focusing mainly on the mobile technology and content sectors
October 2006
Corporate name changed to SBI Investment Co., Ltd.
July 2013 to
April 2015
Established the 'SBI VentureFund No1~4 Investment LPS'
December 2015
Established the 'FinTech Business Innovation LPS' for investment in promising startup companies in the fintech business field
July 2016
Established the 'SBI Venture Investment Revitalization Tax System LPS'
Established a corporate venture capital (CVC) fund with Nikon Corporation
October 2016
Established a CVC fund with INTAGE HOLDINGS Inc.
September 2017
Established a CVC fund with Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd.
October 2017
Established a CVC fund with House Foods Group Inc.
January 2018
Established the ' SBI AI&Blockchain Investment LPS' focusing mainly on the AI and blockchain sectors
July 2018
Established a CVC fund with SUBARU Corporation
March 2020
Established a CVC fund with FUSO Corporation
Established a CVC fund with DIP Corporation
April 2020
Established the 'SBI4&5 Investment Limited Partnership' (a.k.a. 4+5 Fund) focusing mainly on 5G, IoT, Big Data, etc., which will contribute to the realization of "Society 5.0 for SDGs.”
September 2020
Established a CVC fund with Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited
November 2020
Established a CVC fund with Sumitomo Life Insurance Company
March 2021
Established a CVC fund with Medipal Holdings Corporation
April 2021
Established a CVC fund with Hankyu Hanshin Holdings, Inc.
May 2021
Established a CVC fund with FUJITEC Co., Ltd.
July 2021
Established a CVC fund with Restar Holdings Corporation
November 2021
Established a CVC fund with KDDI CORPORATION