Business Support

Improving Corporate Value Through “Full Hands-on” Support

To enhance the corporate value of the companies in which it invests, SBI Investment proposes business tie-ups that make the most of the SBI Group's management resources and builds systems for consistent support through to investees’ IPOs.
For example, in addition to simply making investments, we promote the active use of the technologies and services of investee companies in a large ecosystem that includes the financial services companies of the SBI Group and investors in our funds, thereby contributing to improving the business performance of investees.
In addition, the SBI Group provides support for overseas expansion through its overseas network, formulates strategies tailored to investees’ business stages, dispatches officers, and builds internal control systems to actively support investee companies in a full hands-on manner, thereby making it possible to dramatically accelerate the speed of growth of investees.

Capability to Support Investees' Growth

We help our portfolio companies address their challenges by leveraging know-how obtained through our "Full Hands-on Support," to increase their corporate value.

Business and Alliance Support

The SBI Group leverages its customer base and external network for making referrals of customers and supporting a business alliance.

  • SBI Investment

    SBI Investment's network

    • Business Strategy Departments of around 600 major corporations
    • Financial institutions, universities, public research institutions, etc.
  • SBI Group

    Network of the SBI Group

    • Relationship with about 554 consolidated subsidiaries and allied affiliates in Japan and abroad
    • Customer base of about 42.10 million

    * As of March 2022

The SBI Group's Business Management Support

SBI Investment provides support in formulating business plans and capital policies by dispatching officers from SBI Investment, and also provides support for sales, business development, and preparation for IPO by utilizing the resources of each SBI Group company.

Support for Overseas Investees Aiming to Enter the Asian Markets

We introduce overseas partners through SBI Group's overseas bases and support expansion of sales channels mainly in the Asian region by establishing JVs.
We establish joint ventures and provide sales support, such as expansion of sales channels, to overseas startups operating financial businesses with the potential to expand their business in Japan and the rest of Asia through use of resources of the SBI Group.

  • NEXT

Provider of various fintech solutions that leverage blockchain/DLT technology, etc. ranging from planning, development, production, sales, maintenance, operation, exporting/importing, to related consulting service


Operating a consortium related to distributed ledger technology and providing distributed ledger technology platform


Provider of data scanning solutions and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions by leveraging AI technology based on fractal theory


Provider of anti-money laundering (AML) and fraud prevention services for cryptocurrency transactions on blockchains

Provider of support for overseas expansion and development

SBI Investment supports overseas expansion of investees by utilizing the SBI Group's overseas offices (overseas subsidiaries, representative offices, joint ventures, and capital tie-ups) and networks of local partners.