Message from Top Management

As a "New Industry Creator", SBI Investment pursues creation and cultivation of core industries of the 21st century.

SBI Investment operates the core business in the Asset Management Business of the SBI Group, and we are responsible for the operation and management of venture capital funds under the management philosophy to become the leader in creating and cultivating core industries of the 21st century as a "New Industry Creator".

As of March 31, 2024, the accumulative number of both domestic and foreign investee companies increases to 1,241, of which 208 companies have successfully became public through IPOs, or were merged and acquired by third parties.

Currently, we are expanding our investments into innovative technology and service fields in a wide range of industries, such as 5G, IoT, and Big Data, which contribute to realizing "Society 5.0 for SDGs," as well as robotics, healthcare, infrastructure and food/agriculture, which promote "Industry 4.0," in addition to Fintech, AI, and blockchain field, which has been our previous focuses.

Our investment criteria is the quality and the vision of the management, growth rate and size of the market, innovativeness of products and services, differentiation from competitors, and how realistic the business model is. In addition to that, we also take SDGs factors into account, such as whether the portfolio company will contribute to the growth and development of a sustainable society.

Once an investment has been made, in order to increase corporate values of the portfolio companies, we take an active role by "full hands-on" support, such as the formation of business alliances, dispatching board members, strengthening corporate governance, creation of capitalization strategies, and development of overseas businesses, in accordance with the business stage of each portfolio companies.

Furthermore, with the utilization of business resources of the SBI Group including SBI Securities, we can resolve the shortage of business resources of portfolio companies and maximize the growth speed of each portfolio companies through the establishment and provision of one-stop support until a successful IPO.

We strive for public contribution through a mutual growth with promising startups under the SBI Group's management philosophy.

SBI Investment Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, Chairman and President
Yoshitaka Kitao